Gratitude and Laundry

Appreciative. Thankful. Grateful. Mindful. Blessed.

No matter how you say it, each of these feelings or perspectives  requires slowing down, doesn’t it? We need to pause, notice and acknowledge what’s happening right now.

We also need to feel comfortable with who we are, how we behave, act and react, how we choose to spend our time and who we choose to have in our life.

Appreciative. Thankful. Grateful. Mindful. Blessed.

How can we feel blessed or grateful if we sometimes catch ourselves looking and yearning for more, not satisfied “yet” with who and what is in our life. Not  yet. Why bother? Happy people  live longer and  with a higher quality of life’s moments.

How do you make this change today so that your tomorrows are filled with more of what matters to you? Start small.

One day, a woman I know stood in her bedroom, folding clothes as she looked outside the window. Her mind wandered as her gaze moved from the lush, cool grass to the curved crisp white brick tree, to the woodpecker  in the next tree.

One moment during her fast paced day to pause …

To pause to absorb all the details of the nature outside her  window.

To pause to appreciate that this was her view each day.

To pause to feel the warmth of the clothing, and to realize that she was doing much more for her family than the laundry.

To pause and watch the bird land atop the barn, which then led her to think about herself in the context of the whole environment of living things around her.

To pause and think about where all this started, how it grew, how it had changed over time. How  she had changed over time.

And her  thoughts kept expanding, as did her appreciation, the larger her world became. How broad her appreciation and gratitude became has she reached outside herself.

Looking outside her home, appreciating what she saw, she realized she didn’t have  to “find time” in her days for a 20 minute meditation, as she’d been reading about and had longed to try. All she needed was that moment.

One small moment is all you need. Start small and soon you’ll notice your perspective will be different as you move through your days.

You have the ability and every day we all have the choice to slow down and appreciate.  It doesn’t have to be a 20 minute session.   Once you begin, you’ll notice more of what there is to appreciate about each aspect of your life and where you are happy already.

And from there, you’ll narrow in on where you might like to make some changes, small or large.

This ties directly to creating time in your days for what matters, because you’ll have a clearer sense of what does matter. And then you can begin to make choices, in each  moment, choices which are more in line with what matters to you.


In appreciation of you,





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2 Responses to “Gratitude and Laundry”

  1. Sue- This is such a lovely and important post. You know that I’m a huge fan of engaging in “the pause” on a regular basis. There is so much to see, feel, experience on a moment to moment basis, IF we allow ourselves the gift of slowing down, even briefly, to soak it all in. I love how you showed us in just the simple act of folding laundry how powerful and gratitude-filled that pause can be. Beautiful, beautiful.

  2. Sue West says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Linda. It is a gift and wouldn’t it be wonderful if more of us learned to unwrap it earlier in life. It is, I am sure, part of what I learn in the presence of the people I work with as well as those close to me personally.

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