Organize for More Energy

A common sentiment lately: “I’m exhausted at night and on the weekends. I never feel like doing much except watching TV, floating on Facebook and I just feel so …

  • Out of balance
  • Guilty that I’m not spending time with family or friends
  • Drained. I have no energy and forget about time for myself.

And the holidays are practically here, too!


So many causes and so many possible solutions, but only the ones that resonate for you will be useful.

Here is a “possibilities list” ….

questions and suggestions to read over, to see what you might need to focus on to solve your energy drains.

Select one or two that seem to be the biggest energy drains in your life, and which look like they might work for you, and then practice.

It’s not a “tips list” because what motivates you and works for you is different from your friend or co-worker, isn’t it?

And if you don’t feel like you have time to experiment, aren’t sure where the issues are and need time and perspective to sort it out, please call me for a focused, productive, one on one call or in person meeting.



  • How is your “wind down” routine working for you, that timeĀ  in between work and personal life at end of day?
  • And how about the rituals to help you fall sleep at night? Fix the sleeping issue and you make many things better/easier.
  • How might you slow down your pace during the day so you balance out your energy, preserving more for evenings or weekends? What have you tried before that worked pretty well or really well – that’s the key.
  • When do you allow yourself to put on the brakes during the day so you’re aware of how much of the day is gone, so that you stay fairly well in control of your time?
  • How do you slow down the pace of your thoughts during the day (especially if you have moments of hyperactive ADHD, anxiety or similar neurological challenges)?
  • How quickly do you get engaged, started and into action (a particular issue if you have inattentive ADHD)? Difficult for all of us when overwhelmed as well.
  • How do you ground yourself early in your day, setting the stage for the remainder of your 24 hours? THE most important point.
  • How do you keep track of things you need to do in your home and personal life, so you know what you need to do next? So you don’t lose track of projects or things you want to do for fun? Or keep an uncluttered mind.
  • Do others you live and work with do their fair share so that you aren’t doing it “all?” This probably needs to change then.
  • How well do you break down projects at home and at work into the smaller steps, allowing you to feel like you’ve accomplished a good amount for the day and kept things moving along? A step is a completion.
  • How well are you doing asking for support - your “life preservers,” as I call them? We cannot do it all well.
  • How well are you keeping up with important relationships? Who is important and positive; who is a drain on your energy – and how do you deal with this? Or don’t you. No closure is always a drain.
  • How consistently do you do the things that keep you healthy, both in body and in mind? Consistency does take time, so measure progress, not perfection.

Just take one and journal about it, talk about it or give it a try.

Watch what happens.



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  1. What a fabulous list of questions, Sue for figuring out how our energy gets drained. I tend to push myself, but also know when it’s time to break for food, nature, sleep, or a different activity all together. And sometimes, I just have to say “enough is enough,” and stop working without any guilt.

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