Coach Sue West,
Organizing Coach & ADHD Specialist

Organizing Coach

Sue West Organizing Coach

Your mind is always busy.

Your life feels chaotic. It’s difficult to focus.

Your space is busy and more cluttered than you’d like.

You’re not getting done what you need to.

You’re not spending your time the way you want to, on what matters.


Welcome ! I am Sue West, an experienced, Certified Organizer and Coach.  

Organizing possibilities

Possibilities. Photo (c) Sue West Glacier Bay, Alaska

What do most people I work with share? They …

Organizing  life. At home. At work. DO your best and BE your best.


Organizing and/or Coaching: How does it work?

Together, we figure out goals or results, so that you (a) know this is working  and (b) know when you are ready to go it on your own.

Perspectives. Orgnaizing life, time, work, home.

Perspectives. Photo: (C) Sue West Acadia, Maine

My approach is practical. We use your life’s examples to work out solutions: where your time and attention is going, how to get things, thoughts, and time under control, and what really matters to you. If you don’t know what matters, we figure that out.

We discover your best go to strategies and organizing systems.  We’ll work on what you want to change, accept, fix or do differently. We figure out practical and behavioral strategies and systems to get you there. Feel like you’re getting in your own way? That’s often part of our work,from procrastination to ADHD symptoms to communication  and more. Seeing a therapist? Wonderful. We can bring in the relevant work or I can collaborate directly if you choose.

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Sound good so far?

Please call and we will answer questions, solve a problem or two, and see if there’s a fit. Usually 15-20 minutes.  Call 603.554.1948 or email:

Or, please stay in touch through my advice newsletter, sent every 6 weeks.  Read a sample first. Advice and a sense of the topics we might work on.

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