Organize Life

Sue West

Your mind is always busy.

Your space is busy and more cluttered than you’d like.

Your life feels chaotic. It’s difficult to focus. You’re ready for a change.

We work with your “things, thoughts, and time.”


Because it’s not usually just about the stuff or only the schedule.

You say you want to organize life. That IS the practical piece that needs to work for you. And yet there is more.


Like emotions, behaviors, mindset, habits, relationships, physical and mental health.  All part of the equation.

Possibilities on the horizon.

What’s Possible?
(c) Sue West photo

  • You know what to do and aren’t doing it.
  • Or maybe you don’t know where to start out of all the options.
  • Or you never learned some important life skill.


You want to solve this, once and for all. Get perspective. Do things differently this time. Organize everyday life so you can get to where you want to go.

Organizing things, thoughts, and time.

If this sounds a bit like you, we’d probably work well together:

  • You are creative and/or a big picture thinker (lots of ideas; inconsistent implementation);
  • and/or have ADHD or similar symptoms;
  • have a life long, “chronic” struggle with time management and organization (it just does not come naturally);
  • are dealing with lots of life changes (you know what to do, yet are not doing it.);
  • or are feeling ready to move onto a next chapter (where to start?).


Organize Life: Organizing and Coaching Services

Together, we figure out goals first, so that you (a) know that this is working  and (b) know when you have accomplished the goals and are ready to go it on your own.

Perspectives. Possibilities. Organize Life.

(c) Sue West photo – Perspectives. Acadia National Park, Maine

My approach is practical. We typically use examples of what’s happening in your life to work out solutions: where your time and attention is going, how to get things/thoughts/time under control, and what really matters to you.

Your examples help us to pull out strategies and insights you can use elsewhere in your work or life. We’ll work on what you may want to let go of, where to focus next, and practical and behavioral strategies to get you there. If you feel like you’re getting in your own way, we’ll tackle that, too.

If you are working with a therapist, that’s wonderful. We can bring in the work that pertains or I can collaborate directly with him or her if you choose.

Coaching, organizing and consulting, with compassion, patience, intelligence, and a focus on curiosity, learning about yourself and results.

If that all sounds good so far, think about talking with me for 15 or 20 minutes to see if there’s a fit with what you’re thinking about and my working style. [Call 603.554.1948] or email:

I work by phone, sometimes in person, and through email.

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